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‘Community energy’ is to be understood as community projects or initiatives focused on the four strands of reducing energy use, managing energy better, generating energy or purchasing energy. This included communities of place and communities of interest. These projects or initiatives shared an emphasis on community ownership, leadership or control where the community benefits.

Community energy – particularly renewable electricity generation – is often reported to play a prominent role in the energy systems of other countries, too.

Benefits of Community Energy

Social and Economic Benefits

Addressing climate change or reducing carbon emissions, as well as saving money on energy bills, are the main motivating factors for community groups starting energy projects. However community energy goes beyond energy security, climate change and energy bills, and can also bring further benefits to communities. These include:

1. Build Stronger Communities

Community energy activity can bring local people together to achieve something for their community, fostering common cause and empowering communities to take action on issues that matter to them. Many people are willing to volunteer a great deal of time and effort to make initiatives work in their local areas, and we recognise the importance of these dedicated individuals to community energy.

2. Develop New Skills

Members of the community of all ages can benefit from opportunities to learn new skills through involvement in community energy activity; some schemes have specifically engaged young people in work experience or energy and climate change education activities. Community energy projects can build confidence and skills both within the group and more widely.

3. Bring Financial Benefits

Community energy presents opportunities to generate income for the community, through FITs (Feed-in Tariffs) for generation of renewable electricity, or through part ownership of larger commercial energy developments. This income can be used to benefit the community in a variety of worthwhile ways, and some community energy groups have used income from generation to fund energy saving measures in their community. Community energy groups can also choose to purchase local services and products, having a positive effect on the local economy.

4. Reduce Costs for Communities

Many examples of community energy achieving results at lower cost than conventional approaches have been already available. Examples include installing insulation and draught proofing using a small amount of paid time to leverage larger amounts of voluntary time, or where community scale renewable generation is deployed at a larger scale than individual households would be able to achieve.

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London based AMDC Energy is one of the most dynamic energy storage company operating within the UK and overseas, with focus on renewable energy industry. We offer a fully integrated solution including consultancy, project management, finance, design, construction, operation and maintenance, asset management and sustainability solutions within the electricity market as well options for businesses and users to benefit from taking part in helping to balance the grid using renewable energy, particularly solar and wind energy, which provide electricity without giving rise to any carbon dioxide emissions.

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