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wind tWind energy is a reliable, emission free and affordable energy source which benefits electricity consumers. It also makes an important contribution to energy security.

Blue chip companies including Google, BMW and Heineken are investing significantly in wind simply because it makes business sense for them.

This sector brings clean and secure power to emerging and developing economies.

How a wind turbine works?
Wind turbines captures the energy of moving air and convert it into electricity.
Three main variable determine how much electricity a turbine can produce:

27205 wind1.    Wind Speed
Stronger winds produce more energy. Wind turbines generate energy at wind speeds of 4-25 metres per second. If the wind reaches speeds of over 25 metres per second, which happens rarely, the turbine is stopped because it can be damaged.

2.    Blade Radius
The larger the radius or ’’swept area’’ of the blades, the more energy can be produced. Doubling the blade radius can result in four times more power.

3.    Air Density
’’Havier’’ air exerts more lift on a rotor. Air density is a function of altitude, temperature and presure. High-altitude locations have lower air pressure and ’’lighter’’ air so they are less productive turbine locations. The dense ’’heavy air’’ near sea level drives rotors relatively more effectively.

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